Career Exploration

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EPK Director/Producer

Role/ The lowdown

  • makes extras for DVD releases
  • makes documentaries about making the film
  • making behind the scenes footage and interviews for the press

Departments:Distribution | Marketing | Publicity and Stills


  • Must have experience of being of film sets
  • must have skills in program making
  • must have experience in journalism
  • Must understand film production
  • Must be able to communicate and work well under pressure

What does an EPK Director/Producer do?

A EPK Director is in charge of interviewing the actors and film makers off set. They are in charge of making the behind the scenes videos. The check the sound quality and lighting quality of the interviews. They often work on three to four films at once.

Will I need a qualification?

You will need a degree in Photography, Film, Graphics, Communications or Media Studies. You will also need lots of editing experience.


Listen Smart – Safely Handling the Power of Sound

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Create a Blog Post and Take Notes

    • Can You Hear This?
      • Hearing Test:
      • Sound Levels:
      • Listen Smart – Safely Handling the Power of Sound
        • Embed video:
        • Decibel measure of sound can survive 100 decibels for an hour.
        • You can become deaf from concerts
        • eardrum vibrates and amplifies sound, simulate hair cells.
        • Hair cells cannot be replaced
        • Symptoms
        • Pain in ears
        • ringing
        • stand back
        • Bring earplugs to concerts
        • toilet paper/ paper towels
      • HSE The Hearing Video For More Hearing Science
        • Embed video:
        • Don’t play too loud in band, use earplugs
        • In marching band, put brass at the front
        • Give the people near the louder instruments earplugs
        • Make sure noise is being monitered
          • For Audio Career Tips
          • Examine for information about sound safety in the workplace
          • Everyone in the music/intertainment industry must make sure that
          • sound does not exceed legal limit
          • You might get tenitus
          • Rolling earplugs is effictive
          • Don’t get creases in earplugs as you roll them
          • Earplugs must be inserted far in you ear
      • Chart of Sound in the Environment

Insert a chart with volume levels from Mr. Le Duc’s blog post

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My Presentation

Transcendental Awesumitude by dospaz at

Step 1 – Summary of Project

You cannot present well! Otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at this project. I recently learned how to be a good presenter and you can too! Just follow these steps to learn about the creative process. I made this presentation to show that I understand the creative process and what makes a good presentation. I learned how to manage time efficiently and the steps in making a good presentation.

Step 2 – What is Good Presentation?

A good presentation is simple. Most people don’t pay attention to things if they are complicated. You have to clearly identify the core message (the main point of your presentation). Stickiness is very important. Stickiness mean “does the presentation stick?” Do you remember it after it is over. You can make a presentation sticky by making it simple, make parts of it unexpected, use concrete ideas (not just theories), keep it visual (people loose focus if they don’t have visual reminders. You can make a presentation simple by asking yourself if you really need the information you are about to use. Don’t sound robotic, use emotion in your presentation and when you are presenting.

Step 3 – Brainwriting and Brainstorming Ideas


Brainwriting the process of writing all of your ideas out on paper without the distractions of technology. During this process you do not judge your ideas and change them you just write out your ideas. Brain writing a right brain activity and it is best to be away from all technology. We do this make sure we have a lot of ideas to work with for the next step brainstorming. Brainstorming a group activity. You and a group of peers judge and come up with new ideas. We do this to make sure our ideas make sense. Brain writing is a left brain activity.


Step 4 – Creating the Storyboard

Storyboarding is a way of making a “rough draft” of your presentation without the distractions of technology. When we are one devices, it is a lot easier to get distracted, like if you get a text or an email. Making the storyboard on paper is a great way to have less distraction. It is also a good way to see if the presentation works without actually making it. We storyboard to see if our ideas work without wasting time actually making the presentation on the computer.

Step 5 – Gathering and Citing Images

Copyright is (the right given to a creator of some content to publish and produce what they have made and stop others from doing so). The creative commons are licenses to distribute work for free that would otherwise be copyrighted. The work can be used for free but it must be cited. I used creative commons so I could use images without asking the creators and I only had to cite them. Citing images are important because you are breaking the law if you don’t and it is good practice for college because it is a big deal if you don’t. If you get a image from online, you must cite it. If you don’t you are stealing creative property.

Step 6 – Creating the Master Slide

A master slide is a slide that shows a few slides and the format of the slide show. You can change the color and format of all of your slides from the master slide and you can change the format of what new slides are going to be in the future as well.  We use the master slide as a way of seeing the overall format of your slide show.

Step 7 – Building the Slide Show

We put the words on the slides before the pictures so we can easily flip through the slideshow and make sure everything flows properly without wasting time adding the pictures first. If we added the pictures first and something was wrong, we would have to delete the picture and get a new one. That would be a huge wast of time.

Step 8 – Sharing the Slide Show

Slideshare is a website that you can upload slideshows to that are easily accessible. We do this so people who come to our blog can easily view the slideshow without sharing it to them on google slides.



Step 9 – Preparing to Present/Pitch

I presented to my family and had them review my speaking processes over and over. I mainly had to work on being loud enough to hear because I talk quietly. I also worked on memorizing the order of the slides so I didn’t have to look back at the slide every few seconds. Next I practiced talking about the presentation with out looking at the slideshow at all. I also wrote a tiny note sheet for things to remember while presenting. Also I tried to have a confident pose for presenting so I could study the sheet and become a better presenter.

Step 10 – What I Learned

When I first saw what a good presentation was I was in doubt that I would ever be able to present as well as some of the examples in the slideshow, but I eventually learned the qualities of a good presentation. A good presentation is simple, has visuals, and connects with the audience and is unexpected. It is difficult to make the presentation you imagine. You have to learn how to manage time well.

Me as a Movie

The movie “Clue” is me as a movie. It is very cheesy which is in my opinion the best kind of comedy. It is also a mystery and I love mystery movies. I saw this movie a long time ago and I still remember it to this day. This movie starts at a dinner party at an old mansion with a cast of interesting characters such as Col. Mustard (Martin Mull), professor Plum (Christopher Lloyd), Mrs. White (Madeline Kahn), Miss Scarlet (Lesley Ann Warren), Mrs. Peacock (Eileen Brennan) and Mr. Boddy (Lee Ving).

Every character have their own motivations and character traits.  Mr. Boddy starts blackmailing everyone until the lights go out and he is murdered. The race is on to find out who is the killer before the murderer picks them off one by one. Even though I never played the game of clue, I thought it was extremely a good movie. The acting from the characters wasn’t always amazing but I think that adds to the comedy.