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Born: March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Kingdom of Wurttemberg

Personal Success Definition

I define success as developing a sophisticated way of thinking. Helping the world or community in some way. Having a reliable network of friends and acquaintances, having a reliable, job and making enough money to be comfortable.

Albert Einstein was successful by my definition. He had a unique and sophisticated way of thinking. He believed that imagination was more important than knowledge. He helped the entire world by creating the theory of relativity. He had friends and a wife. He was a university professor and seemed to enjoy it. He had a reasonable amount of money.

Skills for Success

Albert Einstein did not conform to normal ways of thinking, he was curious and He had a unique and creative mind which helped him in his pursuits. His creativity helped him come up with many equation that help us understand the world around us. His curiosity motivated him so pursue science and find out how the universe works.

How They Used These Skills

Einstein used his unquiet mind to look at math and science in a new way and thus was able to come up with out modern understanding of how energy conversion works. This equation is used in much of our technology today. His curiosity made him very motivated to work with science his whole life.


Challenges Overcome

Einstein faced many challenges during his life. During school, he faced many academic challenges because he didn’t attend a lot of classes. He also struggled to find work before he became a professor. He faced the challenge of leaving Germany before Hitler became Chancellor.

Significant Work



Image From 10/4/2020

This is the equation for the theory of special relativity which Einstein created. It is used in modern engineering.


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